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just steps away from penn station, a 37-year-old man attacked and killed by a group of young teenagers monday afternoon. the suspects, who face attempted first-degree murder charges, are just 14 and 16 years old. police say keith anderson, the youngest in the group, had a knife. >> they asked him for some change. the victim declined to give them any change. and one of the suspects pulled out a knife, stabbed him in the chest. >> reporter: another suspect told police he asked anderson why he did it. his answer, was, he had change and he should have given it to you. >> i am shocked. i would not be walking around this area. >> reporter: this attack is very similar to the high- profile murder of a johns hopkins researcher just a few blocks north of this location. >> allegedly confronted by two adults over an ipod in this area. has prompted many people to think carefully about their
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safety. >> i don't walk alone at night. i don't feel safe. >> reporter: last month, arteesha holt is accused of killing a man near patterson park. in both cases, they face adult charges. >> these are 14- and 16-year- old kids, pulling out a knife and killing someone. it's a difficult situation for police to address. but we were in the area and we took them in custody. >> the victim here suffered a collapsed lung. luckily, the knife missed his heart. at last report, he was in serious but stable condition. >> the victim also tried taking pictures of the suspect with his cell phone after the attack. it's unknown if they're clear enough to identify the teens. a scare for students at two montgomery county schools. that's where gunfire in the area prompted a lockdown. vic is in the newsroom with developments in the case. the gunman who prompted
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this is in custody. he allegedly fired at a policeman. afterward, they were locked down while police searched for the gunman. police say they learned when the man was traveling to pennsylvania, they'll be pending surrender. >> the suspect's ex-girlfriend was not hurt in the shooting. a fire under investigation tonight in howard county. sky eye chopper 13 was over the scene of the fire this afternoon. it happened in the 6,000 block of majors lane. there are reports of injuries. no word on how serious they are at this point. we will update the story as more details become available. a devastating loss. more than 2 dozen horses killed in a barn fire at the charlestown race track. but more would have been lost if people hadn't risked their own lives to save them. that willingness to help is still evident today. >> reporter: trying to get back
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to normal isn't easy. especially for horses that survived the fire. but they're the lucky ones. the horses people manage to set free. cell phone video shows the danger. >> we've got to get out. we've got to get out. >> everybody out. >> gotta get out. the roof is on fire. >> everybody out! >> reporter: the three-alarm blaze just before dawn yesterday destroyed a large barn at charles town race track, just over the border in west virginia. 27 thoroughbred horses were killed. putting the fire out was the real challenge. >> the real challenge was dealing with people that were here. and the dead horses and also recovering the horses and being able to get them back. >> reporter: adapting to the aftermath, owners and trainers who compete with one another are helping each other out. >> it's a terrible disaster. terrible. i've never seen nothing like this before.
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and i don't want to see it again either. >> reporter: with help from the casino and track. >> it was a very quick turnaround. people worked hard and quickly. and we're grateful for the horsemen in our employ who helped get that done. >> reporter: police have not determined if it was an arson. and a cause may never be known. >> when you have a barn like this, all of the original cause is burned up. it makes it very difficult. >> no word can describe just the devastation from this accident. it's amazing. >> and traumatizing. alex demetrick, wjz eyewitness news. >> it's hard to watch. preliminary damage estimates put the loss for the fire at $1 million. although it could climb higher, once the value of the horses is finalized. a dispute with a tow truck
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driver. nathaniel daniels was arrested after police say he threatened the driver with a gun. it all happened at bill's lounge in odenton. daniels said he was arrested as an off-duty officer. hope for the unemployed. right now polls show the economy is the number 1 issue on police minds. joel brown has the latest for wjz from washington. president obama is betting on big, new tax breaks, to bust a sluggish economy. in a move to get businesses hiring again, the white house proposes $200 billion in tax breaks, spread over two years. it would let companies deduct the full cost of new investments in building plans and buying equipment. the president is hoping it will mean new hiring and a drop in unemployment. >> i am going to keep fighting every single day. every single hour.
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every single minute to turn this economy around. >> with midterm elections looming and democratic control of congress on the line, the president needs to reassure skeptical voters about his economic plans. but the white house insists politics isn't fueling the new proposal. >> the president isn't here to solve the nation's problems on a political counter. he is here to solve the nation's problems as they exist. >> reporter: but the political calendar won't make it easy to get the president's tax breaks passed on capitol hill. election season means republicans are in no mood to compromise with the white house. >> reporter: the top republican in the house blasted the president's plan. john boehner says excessive government spending is what is weighing down the economy. and republicans call the president's proposal monday to boost spending for infrastructure project, more of the wrong medicine. in the runup to november, both sides know this election will turn on the economy and who
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voters trust more to fix it. >> reporter: in washington, joel brown, wjz eyewitness news. >> and president obama will announce details of his proposed business tax states wednesday in cleveland, ohio. a live look outside. we actually broke a record today. bob turk and meteorologist bernadette woods are updating temperatures. >> reporter: you see the sunshine out there. we have a frontal system that could bring us, maybe, and we need it, a shower. take a look at radar to our west. a brief line of showers popping up over poardles of high -- portions of ohio. it may get windy and turn a lot cooler. it's eye very -- a very warm day today. take a look at the computer. we have for tomorrow, extreme fire danger. because of the winds expected tomorrow. a red flag warning for jersey areas. and for the rest of the entire state there, fire weather
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watch. be careful outside the next few days, until we get some rain, which doesn't look like we have a great chance of getting that rain over the next couple of days. very couple. with any cookouts, campfires expected. bernadette in the outback with a look at the record we broke today. bernadette? >> reporter: we all know it's been a very warm summer. and that may actually be an understatement. but now it is officially the time with more 90-plus degree days than any other. we hit 91 degrees. that means it is the 55th time this year we've hit 90-plus days. previous record was in 1998, when we had 54 days. and there is a chance we could get close to 90 tomorrow. but we think we'll come a little short of that. we'll keep you updated. former maryland governor bob ehrlich in his commercial fray. his first tv ad of the
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political season began airing sunday. ehrlich is aiming to regain power. political reporter pat warren has more. >> reporter: bob ehrlich says he would have thought he would have been on tv with his campaign ads earlier than this. but the polls have the race so close, he didn't need to. >> reporter: in his campaign against incumbent martin o'malley, former governor bob ehrlich addresses discontent. >> i'm bob ehrlich. today, maryland is in trouble. we're worse off than we were four years ago. higher taxes, not enough jobs. >> it's the theme of the campaign. it's jobs, lower taxes. restoring maryland to what it used to be. >> fix the budget. honestly. >> grow small businesses. really. >> reporter: governor o'malley went on the air early in the season. >> martin o'malley went to work. >> his criticism of ehrlich's
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ad is stinging. it calls it pie in the sky and accuses ehrlich of distorting facts and making more empty promises. an insult to the intelligence of maryland voters. >> empty promises and insult to the voters. >> this for the guy who blamed for the louisiana oil spill. [ laughter ] what can i say? >> ehrlich's ad appearance is behind, but so is the money. still, he considers his message right on time. >> reporter: it's a rare occasion when candidates have back-to-back records as governors of the state. so most candidates may already have an idea who they like better. >> compare and contrast is fine. but they also want to see vision, where you want to take the state. how serious you are about taking the state in a different direction. >> reporter: and the ehrlich campaign says the second ad is
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already in the works. reporting live from annapolis, i'm pat warren. back to you on television hill. >> thank you, pat. for complete coverage of campaign 2010, log on for the latest poll results. it's all online at a big addition for the ravens' roster, as we move closer to what is expected to be the start of the season. sports director mark viviano. may i never have to say this mayor's name on tv. i'm so glad you get to introduce us. >> his name is t.j. hushmanzatta. the ravens' aquisition is being touted league wide as a -- leaguewide as a big pickup. seahawks are going to have to pay him $7 million while he's playing for the ravens. he enjoyed the rivalry.
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even happier now that he's on the ravens' side of it. >> i feel like i'm coming to play with guys that are similar to me, you know. emotionally. the way they play the game. and how they love the game. you know. and that's what i need to be. >> and how does the new guy expect to fit in with the ravens' other standout receiver? we will hear more from t.j. hushman zatta, an outspoken personality. >> i got it, mark. hushman zatta. >> you got it. less than a week live here on wjz 13. you can watch the ravens here. our special coverage kicks off at 6:30, here live, on wjz 13. >> we welcome mr. hushman zadda to baltimore. very gladly. controversial pastor. he plans to burn the koran on the anniversary of september
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11th. tonight, military speakers speak out about the move that could endanger u.s. troops. get healthy, baltimore. ravens use moves to get the city in shape. i'm suzanne collins in east baltimore. a church handyman is murdered about a block from this kiddie park. but it's a park where children never play. i'll tell you how that's about to change. that's coming up next. it's a warm day in maryland right now. but is cooler weather on the way. the updated first warning weather forecast with bob coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ray rice is gearing up for the first game of the season. but first, he's making a major move off the field to get the city of baltimore to live
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healthier. running back ray rice finds his inner bals doing a little yoga. his moves helped kick off a city-wide initiative called healthy days. >> sto. you don't have to be an nfl athlete to take care of your letle. you can be anything you want to be. and your health is important. easier said than done. a series of exercise events are planned for the last week in september. there is also a take a loved one to the doctor day. and city school students will have a day focused on healthy eating. >> we must help people exercise testifiently. me included. those who exercise regularly live more than 12 years longer than those who do not.
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that's a significant start. the five-day campaign is off to a great start. but the hope is to motivate all ages. >> being young and active. and play a lot of sports. live longer. healthy city days is planned for the week of september 27th, through friday, october 24th. another raven in the spotlight tonight. the star linebacker teamed up to distribute school supplies to first through fifth graders. the first 200 to show up received fully-loaded backpacks. if you're waiting for someone to get home from work, let's check in with sharon gibala.
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pretty typical afternoon commute. we have an accident in the north and southbound. still in the clearing stages. one in bel air. bel air road, at medic road. then another in reisterstown. that one at butler road. apparently there was a delay behind that one. reisterstown road. saint thomas lane. and west mulberry at north arlington. 295, northbound slow from savage road to 175. that will only set you back about three minutes. there is a look at your beltway, drive times and speeds. a little heavier congestion, now that school is back in session. 20 miles an hour on the top side innerloop, between 83 and 95. there is a live look that way. and the west side, slow as usual. also on the inner loop. this traffic report is brought to you by subway. hurry into subway for breakfast. and try their new breakfast
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sandwich. like the breakfast egg white sandwich melt. subway, eat fresh. back over to you. parts of texas, being pounded tonight as tropical storm hermine moves over the storm. right now, it is raising serious concerns about flooding as more powerful than initially expected. sandra hughes reports for wjz with the latest for the storm. the storm blew up from a tropical depression to near hurricane force in less than a day. residents along the texas coast have little time to prepare. >> came up from mexico and came north. so, i mean, it is different for sure. >> some tourists cleared out. >> it was jam packed yesterday. and then when we came back from lunch, it was like a ghost top. >> local communities distributed sand bags and closed schools as a precaution. hermine hit south texas with winds reaching 65 miles per hour. thousands of homes lost electricity. but flooding is the biggest
5:21 pm
worry. >> the storm moves inland, we're going to be talking about lots and lots of rain, anywhere from brownsville and corpus christi, texas. to san antonio and austin. maybe as far east as houston. some areas might see up to a foot of rain. >> flooding forced some up to their rooftops across the border, where the storm made landfall monday night. at least 20 homes there were destroyed. forecasters there say hermine will continue dumping heavy rain as it moves north later this week, into oklahoma and kansas. in los angeles, sandra hughes, wjz eyewitness news. hermine is hitting the same area, flooded by hurricane alex in june. we could use some of the rain. but doesn't look like we'll see much. take a look at temperatures. warm and dry afternoon at 91. the dew point however is low at 60. south/southwest winds at 8. the barometer falling. come back and take a look at the midweek forecast and changes after this. ♪ i thought it was over here...
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♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
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we did break that record of 90-plus days this after. we got to 91. and that is the 55th time this
5:25 pm
year. the previous record we told you back in 1988. and this afternoon, we broke that record. take a look at temps around the region. they're pretty warm out there. as a matter of fact, still at 91. 81 in oakland. 95 in cumberland. 78, ocean city. winds off the water there, a lot cooler. 93 in washington. dew point, 60, still low. winds generally out of the south and southwest. kept us in the heat. not humid today. but tomorrow, a little more sticky. but it won't be quite as hot tomorrow. and then we're going to get much cooler later tomorrow. now, tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow evening, to our north and east, a red flag warning. that means extreme fire danger. that means the woodland and grass is dangerous out there. and for the rest of the region, a little rain from earl, still under a fire weather watch. so be careful, please, with cigarettes, matches, campfires, cookouts, whatever. you can start a fire. be very, very careful.
5:26 pm
no outdoor burning. to our north, shower activity. to our south, hermine, causing a lot of range. to our northwest, this frontal system. you can see a low pressure developing there. it's trailing off to the south and southwest. it's going to be moving across our region tomorrow afternoon. may bring us a shower tomorrow morning. and behind it, the winds go back to a north and northwest. gets cool and dry once again. so wednesday night, cools down. thursday, friday, into the weekend. very pleasant, cooler conditions around the region. take a quick look at hermine. the winds are cooling off. weak area of low pressure. that front is going to push the moisture to the south of us. we don't expect to see much of any rain there. small craft advisory for late tomorrow. and the winds are picking up. gusts as high as 25 knots on the bay. that means a lot of winds. and that's why the fire danger is so great the next few days.
5:27 pm
partly cloudy. warm. upper 60s. upper to mid-80s. maybe a shower before noontime. and i'm clearing and turning cooler late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. back to the upper 50s. great sleeping weather. and really nicely cool for thursdays. only in the mid-70s. >> feels like fall. thanks, bob. still ahead at 5:00. famous flight attendant. his dramatic acts gain national attention. what happens when he arrives at a local court. the community of one university is mourning. after the death of their r one of their own. all of the details are straight ahead on wjz eyewitness news. i'm ron matz in timonium. it's a sidewalk sale like no other. and it helps a major baltimore charity. we'll have a preview coming up right here on wjz. ♪
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(announcer) new icy hot power gel. relief that's icy to dull pain, hot to relax it away. and no mess. new icy hot power gel. don't mess around with pain. it is 5:30. 91 degrees and clear over fort mchenry tonight. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. a campus grieving tonight after one of their own is found dead. in his dorm. it happened at loyola university right here on baltimore. wjz is live in the school
5:31 pm
campus weijia jiang has more on the investigation into the student's death. >> reporter: mary, at this very moment, hundreds of students are gathered to remember this young man. he was very well known, very well liked. and less than a year away from graduating. on the first day of classes at loyola university, an almost tangible sadness surrounds campus. the community is dealing with the sudden passing of 20-year- old evan gerardi. monday evening, he was found inside his dorm room, unresponsive, without vital signs. monday, hundreds of students poured into the chapel to mourn gerardi's gerardi's death. >> he just got back from rome. it was very, very sad. >> reporter: gerardi seen here on his facebook trial, had just returned from studying abroad in italy. a popular business major, he grew up in hopkins, massachusetts, with three
5:32 pm
sisters who are now in maryland, grieving, alongside his loyola family. >> it was really difficult, especially since there was the first day of classes. >> medical examiners are still trying to determine the exact cause of gerardi's death. his medical examiner says that he suffered heart conditions his whole life. >> when a young person dies suddenly, it takes your breath away. >> they say the pain is too familiar. another classmate died in 2009. police say 9-year-old stephanie perranti's father killed her before taking his own life inside a towson hotel. it's very unusual. and some think it's just unfair. just unfair. of course, the whole thing is unfair. >> gerardi would have turned 21 next month. plans for his viewing and a funeral have yet to be
5:33 pm
finalized. we're live. weijia jiang, wjz eyewitness news. gerardi is the second maryland college student to suddenly die this school year. last week, a student died playing volleyball. 50-year-old charles price worked as a deliveryman for the company. police say price would field underarmour. they found $20,000 of it. and police believe there have been more thefts than that. gainesville florida pastor terry jones plans to burn the muslim koran this saturday, september 11th. jones' plan has gained national attention. general david petraeus, top general in afghanistan, says that single act could put americans in danger and damage the war effort.
5:34 pm
a florida black panther group says it will protest if there is a burning. even gainesville police say they have asked the pastor to reconsider. but he says he will go ahead with the plan. >> among the concerns that the taliban will use images of the gainesville burning as propaganda to stir up negative feelings towards american. kyron horman disappeared more than three months ago. with classes back in session, there is new hope for a break in the case. bill whittaker reports for wjz on the search effort. >> reporter: tv cameras have been a near-constant presence at kyron horman's portland elementary school, since he disappeared nearly three months ago. but on this first day of class, newly-installed state of the art cameras will be installed to ensure the other students' safety. >> everybody is touched by this case. everybody wants wants to find kyron.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: today, kyron would be starting third grade. this photo is the last image taken of him by the science fair, by the last person known to see him before he disappeared. his stepmother, terri horman. >> not going to answer any questions about terri horman. >> he has -- she has become a lightning rod for scorn, especially for the biological parents, kaine horman and desiree young. but even if she admits guilt, prosecutor mace still have -- may still have trouble prosecuting the case. >> i don't even know if a confession would be enough. you have a lot of sfdz, -- circumstantial evidence, but we don't have the key evidence. we don't have the boy. >> reporter: kyro n's father has already signed him up to
5:36 pm
play soccer. he is hopeful that his son will come home. >> since his disappearance, kyron's father has filed from divorce from terri because of an alleged murder-for-hire plot to kill him. steven slater was charged with reckless endangerment and trespassing after he apparently cursed out a passenger and slid down the emergency slides. slater may not face jail time. instead, he could qualify for a separate thing that would include community service. that is pending a mental examination. social networking site is testing a new pay site that would allow you to follow closer certain friends' pages. new link tonight between money and happiness.
5:37 pm
as your income rises, so does your emotional well being. but only until your income hits about $75,000 a year. after that, they say your sense of success may grow, but more money won't make you happier. police are joining forces with churches in east baltimore, after two high- profile murders. suzanne collins reports, the idea is to attack the violence in a novel way. >> reporter: the random murders of two men in july enraged people in the oliver and charles village neighborhoods. ♪ [ music ] >> this is my story ♪ >> stephen pitcairn, a hopkins researcher, is robbed and stabbed. milton hill, an elderly church caretaker is shot to death. now police promise more foot patrols. and church members will walk with them more. >> we will stop and pray at every corner. it may not be believable to come. but folks move away when that happens.
5:38 pm
>> reporter: church members plan to take responsibility for the area four to five blocks from their church. >> we're not going out in enforcement mode. but just to engage our community, let them know, hello, we're here. we're here to help you. we have resources. whatever you need, we're here for you. >> reporter: the churches address many illnesses that link to social ills. they hope to link the people up to that when they get to know them. >> when you try to preach them or tell them what to do, they normally reject you. >> reporter: this is just a block away from where the church was murdered. they say drug dealers kept wires in the lamp post. but that's about to change. the park will be cleaned. money is lined up to put in new playground equipment. and the light will be fixed. >> we intend to do, working with city police, is put up flood lamps, until bge can come back in.
5:39 pm
>> reporter: suzanne collins, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: the eastern police district has 120 churches. and the police major hopes to enlist as many as he can to help. time now for a quick look at some of the stories you'll find in tomorrow morning's edition of the baltimore sun. will plans for a drive-through bank wreck the historic charm of the nation's oldest shopping center? baltimore's food culture is starting to shift into high gear. and meet kevin anderson. for these stories and more, read the baltimore sun. remember to look for the updated forecast. well, if you are looking for bargains, timonium will be the place to be tomorrow. for the 20th year, the clearinghouse is holding its annual sidewalk sale. and as ron matz reports, it's all for a great cause. >> we're near there. >> reporter: last-minute preparations are under way at the clearinghouse. tomorrow, this popular timonium
5:40 pm
consignment shop holds its 20th annual sidewalk sale. >> we have incredible inventory of furniture, household items, antiques. we think it's going to be a great day. and the community will come out to support it. >> reporter: the community has done just that in the past. $90,000 raised in 19 years. this year, the sale benefits the house of ruth. >> this is the fifth year that we have been doing this with them. and we're very excited. the proceeds are great. and it's a benefit to all organizations and services. >> when we say it's for the house of ruth, they quickly say, well, take this also. or they'll give you a $5 for a $3 sale. >> reporter: bbt bank is lending to help a hand. >> they're helping to underwrite the sponsorship so they can have more dollars donated from the house of ruth for sale. >> reporter: check out these designer hand bags. >> we've got coach bags. cole hine that are in great condition. you know what these sell for
5:41 pm
retail. you can buy them tomorrow for $40 and $30. >> reporter: the goal for tomorrow, thousands of dollars. this gold and diamond bracelet, just $600. >> you might miss something great. if you don't come out tomorrow and shop at the clearinghouse and sidewalk sale for charity. >> ron matz, wjz eyewitness news. >> at least the way to sell that. begins at 10:00 a.m. but the line starts forming much earlier for the sidewalk sale. >> so get there about midnight, you think? >> i think they start coming at 6:00 a.m. or something like that. still ahead. dangerous stunt. that's not spiderman. why this man spent three hours climbing a sky scraper. fast fires. colorado on alert tonight. explains ripped-through community. i'm bob turk in the first warning weather center. big cooldown coming your way. here's today's report from wall street. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] antiques can be nice.
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warm afternoon. look. we'll see sun and clouds tomorrow. maybe, maybe we'll get a shower. bernadette has a look at that wednesday forecast. >> the cold front comes through tomorrow morning. there is a chance for a shower, mainly in the first half of the day. otherwise, the winds turn around to the west. and it becomes windy with a mix of clouds and sunshine. but still warm, getting up close to 90 degrees. and then we start dropping tomorrow night. and cool air arrives for the second half of the week. for the rest of the five-day, here's bob. and temperatures head right back down again. look at that. thursday. breezy. yes. 76. in fact, tomorrow night back down in the mid-50s. thursday and friday, back in the 70s. low 80s. maybe a shower or thundershower by late in the afternoon or evening on sunday. and yes, it's been extremely dry around here the last few weeks. mary? firefighters in colorado
5:46 pm
are trying to catch a break as they contain a raging field r wildfire. -- raging wildfire. kendis gibson has more from boulder. >> reporter: calmer winds are giving firefighters a break as they battle a raging wildfire that has burned dozens of homes in the boulder foothills. >> reporter: what the prediction is, 3 to 6 miles an hour. that's going to allow us to get air tankers up in the air. >> officials are rushing to get more planes up into the air, to dump tens of thousands of gallons of fire retardant onto the flames. the fire broke out monday. and high winds carried it in different directions, through dried-out canyons. the flames faced about 3,000 residents from their homes and consumed at least 3500 acres. >> we had nine volunteer firefighters lose their homes last night or yesterday. >> reporter: many evacuees gathered here at this command center, anxious to find out if their homes are still standing. >> i have a stone house with a
5:47 pm
good, defensible space mode around it. so i'm still praying it's still there. but it's close. >> reporter: but waiting is difficult. especially with little information. >> you know, part of you wants to just drive up and go see your house. it's like -- it's interesting. you want to go home. and you want to go home and you can't go home. >> reporter: investigators are trying to figure out what sparked the fire. but so far, there are no injuries or deaths. kendis gibson, cbs news, boulder, colorado. firefighters manage to save the historic town of gold hill, including an old west grocery store and buildings once used for stagecoach stops. a stubborn fire lights up the early morning sky in chicago for hours. about 80 were called to battle the blaze which broke out in the space between the roof and ceiling on michigan avenue. the structure was under renovation and reportedly was to be put up for sale. it took about 3 1/2 hours to get that fire under control. an amazing rescue, after a
5:48 pm
teen gets swept away in a powerful california river. the 19-year-old from san jose was playing with friends in the kern river and ended up being swept downstream. rescuers tried to reach the teen by boat and by climbing out into the rocks, onto the rocks, but ultimately decided it was best to hoist him to safety, as we see using the sheriff's helicopter. the teen was taken to a nearby ambulance, but refused medical aid. it's a stunt straight out of spiderman. daniel goodwin scaled the 60- foot tower with nothing but suction support. goodwin said he planned to help raise the awareness of cancer. after displaying the flag at the top of the building, he turned himself over to police. he was cited on two misdemeanor charged and released to police. >> i kept thinking someone was going to parade these terrorists before tv. and it never happened. and instead, i saw 911 happen.
5:49 pm
and after that, i felt this tremendous guilt. >> goodwin says he's planning a future climb, but won't say where or when. check in with eyewitness news at 6:00 for all new stories coming up. vic is in the newsroom with a preview for us. just one day after the successful start to the season, the university of maryland has a new athletic director. his challenges next at 6:00. major mix-up. a woman held for two days and it was all a case of mistaken identity. check in for these stories coming up at 6:30. >> thank you, vic. eyewitness sports is next. >> stay with us. this is mark viviano. the newest raven rolls into town. and he's ready to win a championship. we'll hear from t.j. and the orioles go for two in a row. that's ahead when eyewitness news continues. diabetes testing? it's all the same. nothing changes.
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well, he's known for being
5:53 pm
opinionated, outspoken. now he can be known for being a raven. t.j. houshmenzata. an outstanding pass catcher. he was let go after one season. but he's not dwelling on that. houshmenzata talks about this. >> people say i'm too confident in myself. but i don't care. because i believe in myself. and you know, i kind of got disappointed what happened to seattle, for real. but i know i can play. i know i can get it done. they know i can get it done. what they did, i don't really want to comment on. because it makes me really upset. >> houshmandzadeh, right here on wjz. special season kickoff begins. football can stir the
5:54 pm
emotions. and navy coach boiled over. halftime of a heated game with maryland yesterday. the coach got in the face of an official after navy was unable to stop the clock at the end of the second quarter. now, nia mattalola would reconcile. no word of any discipline for the tirade. in baseball, the o's go for two wins in a row over the yankees tonight. late-season surge continues, thanks, primarily to this. bullpen has been there. closer. picked up another save. struck out the final two batters he faced. koji has 7 saves in seven chances. o's relievers threw. rookie jake arieta
5:55 pm
-- arrieta gets a start. facing a yankees lineup. will face cc sebathia. shoulder soreness. game time 7:05. and coming up next hour. more football. it it include a thriller between virginia tech and boise state. highlights of that ahead on eyewitness news at 6:00. a reminder. you can catch me. wjz f.m., 705, the fan. ravens' fans are loving the aquisition of tjhoushmandzadeh. >> it's so hazy to-- easy to say. but when you see the 14 letters. >> thanks, mark. still to come tonight on wjz eyewitness news. >> i'm alex demetrick in charles town, where people and animals try to recover from a devastating barn fire. that story as eyewitness news continues.
5:56 pm
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5:59 pm
is stabbed. we'll tell you what the teenage suspects asked for in this attack. that's coming up. a record-setting day. don't miss the updated first warning forecast. check this for these stories and all the day's breaking news. >> wjz at 6:00 starts now. exish . furious flames. >> tonight, the frantic effort to save dozens of people and other trapped horses. >> hello, everyone. i'm vic carter. >> i'm denise koch. here's what people are talking about tonight. tragedy just over the maryland line. more than two dozen horses killed at ma

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